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Ruckus ZoneFlex 7055 Access Point

New Contributor II
FYI, I have a wireless modem, this 7055 AP and a bridge. There're connected as
Clients => AP => Bridge => Wireless Modem (packets are being forwarded between Clients, AP and wireless modem)
I have turned off the Wifi Broadcast function for Wireless Modem while
The AP is currently broadcasting WiFi.
AP IP is
Wireless Modem IP is

Everything works well until recently I went to change the "IPv4 Connection Type" from
Static IP where settings are as below:
IPv4 Address:
IPv4 Subnet Mask:
IPv4 Gateway:

to DHCP.

After I press save changes, I can no longer access to the AP setting page which can be accessed through 
Even if I cannot access AP configuration page, everything still works well, my clients can access the internet. One of my PC on the network can still control and monitor other PCs on the network using NetTop School Software.

Can anyone please kindly advise on this matter? Thank you very much.

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, write down the MAC address of the 7055 from the back label.
Look at the lease table on your DHCP server.  It likely has a new IP address.

New Contributor II
Thank you very much Mr. Michael Brado. I understand how to copy MAC address of 7055 from back label but I don't understand how to look at the lease table on my DHCP server.
My problem is unable to enter the configuration page of 7055 AP, may I know what method I can use to look at the lease table on DHCP server u mentioned above? Please advise. Thank you very much.

New Contributor II
If the DHCP server is on your Ruckus AP, the only way to find its IP address will be to install wireshark on a laptop directly connected to the AP.  Then power off the AP, start a wireshark capture, power on the AP and it should capture the traffice from the AP coming online and the first few packets should contain the IP address your Ruckus grabbed.