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Ruckus Unleashed Mesh Issues + max. Mesh-AP

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one of my Customers provides Ruckus APs for big parking areas.
It is always the same. There is a Building with an existing cabled Gigabit Network. Within the cabled Network is a Storage for Recordings. All over the parking area are IP Cameras mounted on Poles. Between the Building and the IP Cameras is no cabled Network. For that Cameras we are using Ruckus Unleashed Mesh.

Some Sites working fine.
There are others, where i get heartbeat losses reported to my Mesh-APs. The Connection is not very stable. We are on FW 200.3
Regarding the unstable Mesh Connection i opened a Case and it is in Progress.
If someone has an idea, just share it with me.

My other question is:
The Site with the unstable Mesh Connection has two Root-APs (T300 and T301s).
My Customer is thinking the Mesh Problems are because we are using two Root-APs.
I don't think so. The Network was also unstable if i disconnected one Root-AP from Power-Source. There was also a time, where both Root-APs were running and everything worked fine.

But for the next Parking Areas my Customer is planning/calculating only with one Root-AP and about 9 - 10 Mesh-APs.
There are two conerns for me. First one is that i whould prefere two Root-APs. Just not to have a single point of failure. The other conern is that i am not sure if 9 - 10 Mesh-APs connected with one Root-AP will generate just to much load on the Root-AP.

What do you thing about my conerns?


Kind Regards

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Multiple available RAP is fine and generally suggested.

As for 1 RAP and then 9 to 10 Mesh, well.. it may work, just poorly.  They are all going to have to contend for the same airspace on the same network to maintain that connection.  If that space is busy, or constantly in use, it may be a poor choice.  If all the cameras are timed to burst information during intervals, or something that can be time delayed, you may see less of a problem if they can also be deployed to take advantage or something like that. 

The heartbeat losses.. you may need to wireshark that, but in the past, those types of issues have been tied to a firmware version more than anything else I have seen.

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Ok. So i will try to argument at least two Root-APs.
Maybe there is an official statement how much Mesh-APs are fine for one Root-AP.
Maybe i will have a smaller setup in the future where this information is helpful.

Regarding the heartbeat losses i will try to wireshark my connection.
What i have seen is, that the Mesh Network worked fine after restarting the Root-APs and switching the Master-Role. I basicly don't think it is because the Master-Role changed. But what i have seen is, that the Mesh-APs were even connected over both Root-APs after restarting them.

Maybe just a load issue.
But i will look (together with Ruckus Support) to solve this.

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Hi Marco,

Rule of thumb for meshing is up to 3 hops only to have a good throughput. maximum is  4 - 5 hops.

Thanks 🙂

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yes. I know the max. Hops.
But in my Case all Mesh-APs connecting directly to one Root-AP. So all Mesh-APs only have basicly 1 Hop.
So this rule cannot be applied for my Setup.