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Ruckus ZoneDirector 3000 setting VLANs problems

New Contributor III

Hi All,

Recently I’ve setup different VLANs on my network and would like to split internal and guest WLANs to two different VLANs.

Ruckus ZoneDirector 3000 with ZoneFlex 7363 APs. Layer 3 switch does my routing, I’ve setup VLANs on my switches with correct gateway and IP Helper (I can connect to different VLANs and get an IP address from DHCP server and access the Internet). I would like to use VLAN 20 for internal laptops and VLAN 30 for guests. But I am having a lot of problems and hope that someone can point me in the right direction.

I have tried different settings combinations but my Zonedirector just cannot see any of my APs. Quick configuration overview:

Three VLANs – 10 (PCS), 20 (Internal Wireless), 30 (Guest Wireless).

On the controller:

Configure – System – Set an IP address for Zonedirector on VLAN 10 with correct Gateway and DNS, Access VLAN 1 (if I set an IP from VLAN 20 and/or set Access VLAN to anything apart from VLAN 1 – Zonedirector becomes inaccessible), port on the switch that Zonedirector connected to is set to VLAN 10.

Configure – WLANs -2 WLANs. Internal set NO to Isolate traffic, Access VLAN 20. Guest set NO to Isolate traffic, Access VLAN 30.

Configure – Access Points – All of previously (connected before I’ve set up VLANs) connected APs are showing. Access Point Group – just one group with all APs. In Port Setting option – set LAN3 connection to “Trunk Port” with Untag ID set to 1.

Monitor – Access Points- All Access Points show as Disconnected.

Ports on the switch that APs connected to set to Trunk, with VLAN 1 – Untagged; VLAN 10, 20 and 30 – Trunk.

I would really appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.


New Contributor III
Hi Victor, wow its very thorough information. Thank you very much. I'll go through it and report back (it will take few days as I'm taking some time off as well). Thank you again.

New Contributor III
Hi Everybody, I'm back and the following setting are applyed: ZD port on the switch is set to VLAN1 - untagged, ports for APs are set to VLAN1 - untagged, VLAN20 - tagged (for internal laptops), VLAN30 - tagged (for guests). Still nothing, all AP are Disconnected on ZD 😞 . I have deleted one AP from ZD and reset it to factory and  guess what - ZD found it, I've Approved it and it is running! Did the same on the second one it works as well. That is very good news but not sure why I have to remove and add APs all over again? Anyway there are only 24 of them and it's not a big job.
But as Victor mentioned about VLAN for ZD, as ZD has login/Accept T. and C. page for guests and though I can connect to Guest network I cannot access that page on ZD and cannot get to the Internet. So, one of the resons that I can see is that VLAN1 on my Layer 3 switch is down by default and is not routed, so I can not see it from Guest network, do I have to move my ZD onto a different VLAN? Do I have to put it on the same VLAN as Guest network (VLAN30)? Is it a good idea in terms of security?
And thank you for all your answers!