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Ruckus Unleashed R750 APs losing link with Ubiquiti Edgerouter 12--switching ports on EdgeRouter solves problem

New Contributor

Hi, everyone. I am using two R750 APs in Unleashed version, with both connected to a Ubiquiti Edgerouter 12, powered by Cudy POE300 60W Gigabit Ultra PoE+ Injectors.

The system is performing well, but after some time, the APs lose link with the Edgerouter. Edgerouter port lights are off, and the APs show a blinking power light. If I move the APs to other ports on the Edgerouter, the lights on the R750 units light up and start working again.

What's interesting is that after awhile, I can move the APs *back* to the original ports on the Edgerouter, and they continue to work.

Has anyone seen anything like this?


@eizens_putnins Thank you for all of the information. I have been all-Ubiquiti for years, and am slowly exploring the space outside. The first step was to switch to Ruckus APs. The issue with ports going dark hasn't shown up again, but the first instance made me nervous.

I have a Mikrotik router/switch--I use it in SwOS as a 10GbE switch, but perhaps I will explore using it as a router to replace the Edgerouter 12.