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Ruckus 7055 AP and home network setup

New Contributor II
I got my hands on a Ruckus 7055 AP and want to use it at home.  The only thing I'm confused about is does it or does it not need a VLAN to function?  The guide very briefly talks about it but does not go into detail.  Also, the guide contradicts itself by saying yes VLAN needed but found another section that says VLAN is not needed.

New Contributor III
HI hector,

mostly if you don't change any VLAN config in your home router then that is in default VLAN1. same in your 7055 default vlan is vlan1, but if you change the vlan in your home router you should change also the vlan in your 7055ap. 


New Contributor II
Thanks for your reply.  It dawn on me that I didn't list my home equipment. I have a Comcast all-in-one gateway/router/modem.

So is vlan1 the default on any network hardware, including home bound?  I've looked through the Comcast web gui and can't find anywhere to change the vlan.  Hopefully that means is already set to Vlan1 somewhere.

My last resort option would be to use a Cisco switch to connect the AP to it, just so there is an actual vlan1 option.

Hope my inquiry makes sense.  Thanks again.

Valued Contributor II
i think u should NOT worry on the VLAN front in your set up of Comcast all-in-one gateway/router/modem as default VLAN setting will work ok...

New Contributor II
Awesome.  Thank you guys.  Let the tinkering session begin.