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Ruckus T301N mesh mode

New Contributor III

Hello team,

I have a query regarding the ruckus T301N outdoor access point.


Can this AP work as a mesh ? that is, is there any means to have this AP work in a wireless environment without the need to connect it through cable ? and if yes, does the neighboring AP need to be ruckus with specific compatibility ?


Looking forward for your cooperation,


Thanks and Best regards


New Contributor III

Hi Mohammad, 

The T301 does support mesh* and the root AP will need to be a suitable Ruckus AP. 

*The AP will need to be connected to one of our management platforms to enable mesh as this feature is not available in standalone mode. 

Kind regards,


Valued Contributor

Hi Mohammad,

Ruckus SmartMesh is a proprietary feature and therefore only works with Ruckus Access Points that support the feature.

Therefore to utilise SmartMesh with your T301N AP you have you will need to deploy another Mesh-capable Ruckus AP within signal range, alternatively you can use a Wi-Fi client-bridge device if you only have a single AP.  Please note; in my experience Client-Bridge devices are often proprietary in themselves and often aren't fully compatible with Wi-Fi protocols.

You can check Ruckus AP Mesh functionality by checking the AP's data-sheet. If it's not mentioned then it's not supported, e.g. R300, R310, R320, H320.

I hope that helps,

thanks for your reply,

All the existing APs are connected directly to the local area network. So it is possible to have a combination of mesh and non mesh on the same ruckus controller ? and if yes, how will the root ap (the other mesh enabled ap) be connected to the network, as it is already connected through lan , when enabling smartmesh on the ap (lets call it the provider) , i can still connect it directly through local area network ?

Hi Mohammad, 

Mesh is a global configuration on the controller, so you only enable it once. Here is an example topology of a Mesh network: 

Image_ images_messages_60532a1a3e44fe1a1268cabd_4caab786019ef2da707306bc0037b9f9_SmartMesh-82f31346-9c96-44db-a368-41abb531c870-451263631.png

I think you might find this best practice guide a useful resource.

Kind regards,