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Ruckus R710 Low Power Alert

New Contributor II
I have 3 brand new Ruckus R710 deployed in an office of 25 users.
I have a Netgear GS324PP powering them, and have used the same set up before but for some reason I'm seeing alerts on each WAP showing that it's not getting enough power, but the requirements show that it only needs 25W to function. My switch is POE+ so it's putting out 30W per port for them.

Has anyone else had this issue before?

New Contributor III
I am seeing the same issue on my R710 running off a Cisco RV350p which is PoE+.  Never had this issue until I noticed it this week... shortly after upgrading firmware to  Tried to force 802.3at through ssh commands to R710 but still showing power is at af level.  This is not the only firmware issue I'm seeing with Ruckus products.  Has been my go to for network installs, but I cannot move forward with them until I see more consistent firmware upgrades that don't cause problems.

New Contributor

What was the resolution to this? It does sound like a firmware issue but the latest firmware as not resolved it.