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Ruckus R650 WiFi Speed Suddenly Slows Until Reboot

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I recently purchased a Ruckus R650 (purchased through authorized dealer) running Unleashed Firmware v. with a very simple single access point configuration.

Everything initially looks good (350+ mbps speed). However, the network will randomly and non-deterministically suddenly slow to below 1mbps. The rest of the network (hardwired LAN computers) is functionally completely normally with full speeds.

The AP will stay in this bad, slow state until I manually reboot it. Then, the AP is instantly back to normal (350+ mbps) speeds until it randomly gets back into the bad state in 1-3 days.

Initially, I thought there must be a hardware issue so I purchased another R650 for testing, but the new device is exhibiting the exact same behavior.

Any ideas? I suppose I can return the devices, but I had heard great things about Ruckus (unfortunately, my experience has been pretty bad thus far...).


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Joseph, I suggest for you to upgrade this AP to the last firmware ""

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I actually downgraded from that firmware because I thought maybe it was causing the issue.

The issue is present on both versions.

I have an older R610, and that access point has zero issues. Both my R650s are affected (same exact location for the AP, just swapping out the access point).

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As a test, I moved one of the R650 devices to Ruckus Cloud, and it seems to be operating flawlessly. Therefore, I believe the issue to lie with the Unleashed firmware. My R610, which is also running Unleashed, is working properly.

I have opened a support case with Ruckus.

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I have the similar bug on my R650 unleashed.

After about 2 months of running I realized my uploads were slow from 500Mbps to 150Mbps and I had to reboot.

I found a post about it on reddit and unfortunately it says it hasn't been applied to Unleashed yet.
This was a year ago, but the problem seems to be still there.

MR 28.6 finally fixes slowdown issue with AMPDU : meraki (

As an example, a freshly rebooted MR56 with an iPhone 13 on a clean 80MHz channel does 700-800mbps TCP throughput but eventually drops to 300-400mbps after a few days of uptime.

Ruckus fixed this a few months back in some of their firmware images (but not Unleashed yet unfortunately). Meraki finally addressed this in 28.6.

This doesn’t affect pure WiFi 6 OFDMA mode but even WiFi 6 clients frequently operate in WiFi 5 MU-MIMO mode so they will be affected too.