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Ruckus R610 not getting DHCP address

New Contributor

We have a refurbished R610 that I cannot get to connect to our existing ZD3000.

When I first plugged it in it was broadcasting a Configure.ME SSID - I connected to it successfully and upgraded it to the following firmware:

I can get to it using the IP address but I cannot get it to pull a DHCP address from our production network (same network/VLAN that the ZoneDirector is on).

Plugging a laptop in to the same exact port gets me a DHCP address right away.

PWR LED is flashing slow.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi dkissick986,

Could you please help us with the Switch port packet captures where the AP is connected? We would like to verify whether the AP initiates the DHCP Discover message and the DHCP traffic from AP connected port.

Try performing a Hard reset on the AP and connecting it back to the network and see if this helps.