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Ruckus R610 and Controller Software and or Web GUI

New Contributor

We have a location with a bunch of Ruckus R610.  Never have used a Ruckus before but I am trying to accomplish two things with them. 

1) Do these have a web interface that you can access them?  I am able to ping one of them via its IP address but when I try to go the IP in a web browser I get a message saying "The Connection Was Reset".  Which again with me being a noob to Ruckus, makes me wonder if the R610s have a web interface. 

which then leads me into my 2nd question...

2) I know with TP-Link and Ubiquiti they have a controller software you can download for the access points.  That helps to manage them, make sure they are all setup correctly, etc.  Does Ruckus have something similar?  I see under the download section there is a device call Ruckus Unleashed but was hoping there was just a software we can install on a computer at that location.  


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi ,

Here are your answers inline.

1: Yes R610 have have a web interface, once your AP has an IP address you can access via https, ssh,  you can refer this guide for quick setup.

if you have trouble login into the AP via web interface, try using a different web browser.

Share screenshot of any error.


login to the AP via SSH (using Putty or any other ssh tool).

Run below commands :-----
To view existing firmware on the AP( This will help you to determine which firmware image does the AP holds {Solo or Unleashed}, based on that you can decide next step)
#fw show all

To enable web access if failed to login in previous step

#set https enable

2: Yes we have a controller based software for APs i.e. Unleashed, which can be installed on the AP.

Latest unleashed Software.


Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

CCNA RnS | CCNA Wireless | CWNA | RASZA | Meraki CMNO | RACPA