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Ruckus R610 AP

New Contributor II
So I have a R610 indoor AP.  I want to run this in stand alone mode, using a regular router behind it to do the DHCP server.  Do I have to purchase the rights to make this a standalone unit or do I have to purchase Unleashed?  I thought I remember Unleashed as a free service.  I do have a ZD1200 controller with support purchased, but I do not want to use this in this particular situation.

Contributor III
If the AP is covered under support, you should be able to log in, download Standalone FW if the unit isn't already on it. i run an R700 at home standalone in the same configuration you're trying for. Works fine. I believe this is the firmware you need.

Contributor III
Hi Daniel,

Please access support portal and download either version as you desire and upgrade your AP, like other vendor there isn't any licence required to use this AP with our other offerings. It can be used as unleashed or Standalone or in Ruckus cloud (limited time access with one AP) or with our vSZ/ZD. Investment on APs with Ruckus (infrastructure) is safe and can be flexibly used across all our solution according to your needs.



Esteemed Contributor II
If you have a ZD with Support you can download either flavor of R610 AP code (Solo/Standalone or Unleashed), and using factory default, you can convert it to run either one.
If your AP has not been managed by your ZD yet, a 901-R610-xxx part number means it has Solo image, and 9U1-R610-xxx means it's shipped with Unleashed.
Factory default (indented pin for 8+ seconds before release), will always reset IP to with uid/pw of 'super'/'sp-admin'.