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Ruckus R500 for home AP???

New Contributor II
This is my first experience with any Ruckus product.  Without going into too much unnecessary detail, I will need wireless access to my home network soon and have acquired a R500 that will hopefully fit the bill.  It has the ZoneFlex Solo Access Point loaded on it.  Currently I have the basic home setup, some computers, ipads, TVs some IOT devices, etc that is wireless from my current setup (Calix 844g-1 provided by my ISP).  I'm kind of hoping to VLAN some of this stuff out and have read that the Ruckus should fit the bill.  My first real question, is this the software that I need to do what I'm looking to do or should I reconfigure?  The second question is, would there be a better option (without breaking the bank)?  Thanks in advance!!

New Contributor III
Ruckus just announced the latest Ruckus Unleashed version of the firmware 200.8 will NO LONGER SUPPORT R310,R500, R600, T300, T300e, T301n, T301s Access Points.

So if you have any of these Wave 1 access points and you want to continue to use them, it appears that we are now stuck with the 200.7 version of the Unleashed Firmware forever.

I just setup a small home network using Unleashed Firmware and three rescued R500 Access Points and they work great Meshed together.  I highly recommend this setup to all.  It is unfortunate the Ruckus has abandoned future updates for all of these Wave 1 Devices.  Hopefully they will reconsider this decision as it is a shame to condemn all of this great hardware to death.  The good news is that the current Unleashed Firmware works great and if needed, it can also be flashed back to a Standalone device for use in simple home networks very easily.