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Ruckus H500 router Laptop cant seems to connect to wifi whereas smartphones are working

New Contributor
Okay I have like 5 ruckus routers H500 which I'm managing through Virtual SmartZone.

There is this weird issue which occurs time and again frequently
> Smartphones works fine without any issues
> Laptop doesnt works says there is some issues with dns

This problem only occurs sometimes all other times it seems to be fine

What could be the possible reason for this issue

New Contributor III
Hi coupdetat,

what types of WLAN are you using? Is this happening for all WLAN or specific one?


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Coupdetat,

It would be great if you could let us know more about the issue like:

1. Exact issue you are facing.
2. How are you identifying the DNS issue?
3. Software version on the AP.
4. Operating System details of the Laptop.

This will help us to understand more about the issue and isolate it.

Sanjay Kumar