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Ruckus H320 DHCP/NAT

New Contributor III

I am doing some testing with a H320, vSZ-H version, AP firmware, specifically the DHCP/NAT on the AP feature.

I have it working fine over the WiFi, I have set up the DHCP pool attached to a VLAN (11), and then an SSID also on that VLAN, when I connect I get DHCP from the AP and connection NAT'd out to the internet. No issues.

However, if I configure the physical LAN ports on the H320 to be access ports on the same VLAN (11), I do not get DHCP from the AP, I get nothing. 

I have configured the ports as access ports on another VLAN (200) that does exist on our local network and that passes through fine and I get DHCP from our DHCP server on VLAN 200, so VLAN passthrough seems to be working fine. VLAN 11 does not exist anywhere else on our network apart from the AP.

Is it possible to get DHCP from the AP to a device using the LAN ports?


Esteemed Contributor II
You would need to sniff the traffic when you attach a wired device, to see if DHCP requests go out, and what happens then...

Otw, I think this should work.

New Contributor III
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply. The packet captures show pretty much what I was expecting, DHCP requests going out from the client, but nothing coming back;

Not working on LAN port with access VLAN same as wireless DHCP subnet;

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43b135b77e2479d1084_420bfd6350acd6e33cb450ef2ba2bc18_RackMultipart201811229566jadd5-4c5ba21d-3716-4372-bd9d-44d5fb68a1f8-594196915.png1542878698

Working on LAN port with access VLAN that exists on our network;

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43b135b77e2479d1084_401bd38a39c8a471e3d4ca78df12a07d_RackMultipart201811221160072gb-2d015020-77a8-48c1-90d1-cf282fdaab3b-1133941053.png1542878778

It seems as though the LAN ports are only passing traffic through the AP to the uplink port, and we can't get DHCP from the AP using the LAN ports?

Is there an official, this should or shouldn't work, for this? I can raise a support ticket if that's a better avenue to go down?


New Contributor

DHCP/NAT Hierarchical Network Topology (HNT) Feature was released on Smartzone 5.0.
Check the release note of 5.0 for the details.
Prior to that version, it will only assign to WLAN devices.
Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply Manuel. We tend to wait for a .1 release before upgrading, so we're not running 5.0 just yet, but I will check that out. Looks like the 5.1 release isn't too far away either.