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Ruckus AP mDNS Query "_communicator._tcp.local"?

Contributor II
While doing some packet analysis to define all the required ACL rules for Ruckus APs, I came across this curious query a new AP out of the box sends out before discovering our SZ.  Can anyone explain what this query is looking for, and if it's necessary to allow?


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi WiGuy,

This mDNS query is sent by AP to permit it to auto discover SZ100 or vSZ-E (enterprise) controllers that are on the same L2 (VLAN) as the AP.  This makes installation of a SZ100 or vSZ-E network in a simple single management network seamless and automatic.

It is only needed to be permitted in the L2 network where AP's and SZ are connected if auto discovery is required.  mDNS is a layter 2 protocol which normally does not cross L3 boundaries.

I hope this answers your question,

Thanks for choosing Ruckus Networks products - a Commscope company.

Contributor II
Thanks Albert - looks like it won't be needed in our deployment.