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Ruckus 7363 vs Ruckus R300

New Contributor II
My company currently have the Ruckus 7363. We are looking to expand our office, I was wondering if the Ruckus R300 is a significant upgrade over the 7363 in term of interference mitigation and range. If not we may switch to the R500. Anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated.

Valued Contributor II
Ruckus 7363 equivalent is ZF7372 for dual band 802.11n & for dual band 802.11ac R500. R300 lack advantages on range offered by ZF7372/R500.

channelfly interference mitigation is common in all platforms starting version 9.2 and above.

hope this helps..

It is only uplink range that differs due to antenna gain (approx 2dBi delta), as downlink range/coverage is based on EIRP, FSPL and receiver gain:
TX Gain 4dBi
TX power 16dBm
Path Loss 106dB
RX Gain 1 dBi

4 + 16 - 106 + 1 = -85dBm
TX Gain 6dBi
TX power 14dBm
Path Loss 106dB
RX Gain 1 dBi

6 + 14 - 106 + 1 = -85dBm

thank you all!