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Ruckus 7363 cannot get DHCP lease

New Contributor II
Bought a Ruckus 7363 for use as a standalone WAP. I can connect to the 7363 via wireless, but the unit does not connect to my LAN. It is plugged into a WatchGuard hardware firewall with IP address The firewall is also my DHCP server. There is a server on the network with IP address (that is also the DNS server address). Do I need to change the default internet configuration on the 7363? I checked the DHCP leases on the hardware firewall and the 7363's MAC address was not listed, so I assume it has no lease. Thanks.

Valued Contributor II
Did you configure the AP or was it somehow pre-configured? As-shipped, the APs are not set for standalone operation and you have to configure them. Log into the AP via an ethernet cable as outlined here:

New Contributor II
I configured it as per Ruckus instructions with a connection on a laptop and followed the instructions. Everything on the configuration seemed to work fine. I suspect I need to enter some default gateway information ( on my system) or a preferred DNS server ( on my system). I can't figure out if I need to assign a static IP address to the AP to do that. I'm sure the Ruckus is working on wireless connections- just not to the network.

Can you use ssh to go into the device?

If you do that, you can enter:
set ipaddr wan dynamic

After that you will lose connection to the device, and it will reboot and ask your dhcp server for an address. Check the logs of the dhcp server to see what address it got.

Of course, this could also be done using the web ui, but this way was easier to explain.

Hope it helps.

New Contributor II
Thanks, but I'm not familiar with secure shell. The only access I can get to the configuration page is via the setup instructions for the 7363 on a laptop. Once it is connected to my LAN, I can't ping it at nor does the device appear in my DHCP server's lease logs (I searched by MAC address), so I assume it may not be able to locate the DHCP server.