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Ruckus 510 in Access Point Mode?

New Contributor

I'm wondering if it is possible to use my existing Ruckus 510 wireless access points (came pre-installed in our new house) with my AT&T modem/router device that already puts out a Wifi signal.

Right now I have one Wifi network for the AT&T device and a separate network for the Ruckus access points.

I would like give the same name for both and allow devices in the house to simply connect (like a mesh network) automatically to the closest access point available.

Is this even possible?


New Contributor II

If you have the Amazon home wifi network like mine, you cannot have the same network wifi name for your own ATT router and the Ruckus Wifi. The reason this is a different network and you cannot extend it using different type/brands of wifi routers. 


I have the 3 Wifi networks in my home:

wifi-home: for visitors and my family

wifi-devices : for my home devices (tvs, sonos, alexas, kevo, doorbell, garage doors,…) 

wifi-spectrum : not used.

wifi home and devices from Ruckus. And wifi-spectrum from my cable company. 



@andre_buto It's not the Amazon home wifi. I'm not sure what that is.

I have AT&T Fiber. So you basically just turn off the router feature of your Spectrum device? How do you have 3 different networks?

I really would like to set up my Wifi in this new house like I did in my previous house. I had a TP-Link Dexo X60 that worked perfectly.

It took about a month for the builders to get the Ruckus access points working in the new house and I'm still not crazy about it so far.