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Roaming depending roam-factor

New Contributor III
I tested of work roaming depending roam-factor between R510 and R720 (both APs saw each other). APs worked under vSZ (vscg- For understand levels of roam-factor I used
I set strong roam-factor equal 10 in console vSZ for test. Joined to one APs and then chanjed location for signal degradation. But roaming wasn't fast. It appered only after 2-3 minutes! Situation repeated when I returned to first AP.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e247901fbc_0ca7ce420e5aefea6f76b2bbf0cb764d_RackMultipart201812251137401u9-5c8f7fbf-378e-463f-8e01-455fb1947abb-562557478.PNG1545725809
Situation was similar for another values roam-factor. I tested it for smartphone and laptop.

Can anybody explain me why this is happening?

New Contributor III
maybe you are experiencing a normal roaming ?in normal roaming the decision to change is always done by the clients devices.

To see if Smart-Roam is the responsible for the roaming see if you have any logs indicate as in the article.

"2013/10/08  09:04:23 Low testuser User[testuser] disconnected by admin from WLAN[captivep] at AP[24:c9:a1:28:f0:80]"

New Contributor III
I.e. if in logs there's not records "disconnected by admin" it means that controller didn't make a dicision about roaming client?

Yes correct.
By readings, the smart-roaming is like kicking the client so he can restart the  association process to choose a better access point and the controller will handle the differents request forceful pointing to the better one like kind of "blocking" the device to still choosing the the less effective access point.
kind look like the band steering, but instead of play hard so the device choose 5.0 ghz the game is to point to the best AP.

Make sure that when you have two or more radios the signal drops to a threshold below where the client wants to stay.  Try and get the signals to overlap at -65db to -70db, if the signal is still pretty strong the client will not want to leave the AP it is on.