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Roaming depending roam-factor

New Contributor III
I tested of work roaming depending roam-factor between R510 and R720 (both APs saw each other). APs worked under vSZ (vscg- For understand levels of roam-factor I used
I set strong roam-factor equal 10 in console vSZ for test. Joined to one APs and then chanjed location for signal degradation. But roaming wasn't fast. It appered only after 2-3 minutes! Situation repeated when I returned to first AP.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e247901fbc_0ca7ce420e5aefea6f76b2bbf0cb764d_RackMultipart201812251137401u9-5c8f7fbf-378e-463f-8e01-455fb1947abb-562557478.PNG1545725809
Situation was similar for another values roam-factor. I tested it for smartphone and laptop.

Can anybody explain me why this is happening?

New Contributor III
I tested roaming with Aruba Utilities on client (smartphone, Android). On screenshot there wasn't RSSI below -70dBm (client does roaming on -75dBm -80dBm). Controller saw client a little better in this moment.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c444135b77e2479f8ce2_3bd4bda3eb12a858eb6ac970aa92c232_RackMultipart20181228206881xqa-14f945d4-0284-46c7-98a4-4bc38b04561d-548507696.jpg1545980419

So on the controller what was the signal received from the client, as the AP' send out a really strong signal up to 7x stronger than the smart phone so it is key to look at the signal receive level from the client to the AP and that is done on the controller.   The Rucks SCI analytics server is a great tool for gathering this type of information and the demo license is good for I think 90 days or more but is a fantastic monitoring and reporting tool.

Thanks for answers, Tim.
I will set up Ruckus SCI and will test my stand again.
I hope that I will get new information from SCI.