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Replacement suggestions for R310?

New Contributor III

This question is for users of this forum. I have an aging R310, and while it's working fine, I feel it's time to replace it. Not getting software updates anymore, amongst other things.

Replacements are expensive, but I want to buy new. I have a single story 1800ish sq ft home that needs to be covered. The 310 is centrally located and has worked fine, so I think a single device to replace it will be sufficient. Any suggestions? Strictly non-work traffic from phones, laptops and TVs.


I bought a new R650 which I managed to get at a reasonable price on eBay. I can’t compare it to the R350 but looking at the spec sheet I think the R350 would perform equally as well for my clients (which cannot handle a 160Mhz channel bandwidth). I also can’t imagine that any company would release new hardware that performed worse than the model it replaces and expect to do well out of it. 

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I think you’re best off speaking to a vendor and getting in the queue. The supply chain is a disaster right now.