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Renew DHCP of Client Using Zone Director

New Contributor II
I have a Zone Director 1200 and 37 Ruckus R500 AP's. I have a seperate dhcp server which provides IP for the clients. I want to know after someone connects to the AP I need to renew their IP so they can get a new ip address. Is it possible for me to do it from the Ruckus Zone Director ?

New Contributor III
You can force a client to disconnect from a WLAN if they do not obtain a valid IP address within a specified amount of time, in this case, seconds. But in your illustration where you need to force a renew of an IP address, you would need to do this from your DHCP server or from the client. Not all DHCP server support this function nor all clients pay attention to the command. You could, from the ZD force the client to re-authenticate to the WLAN, therefore requesting a new address. 

How can i force the client to reauthenticate ?

Log into your ZD: Monitor Tab, Wireless Clients; find the client you want to re-authenticate and use the 'delete' button. 

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thank you