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Remote AP - ZD connectivity and routing traffic

New Contributor III
Hello, a client of mine would like to use one of his 7363 APs to a remote location in a different country (my clients company has quite a few branches abroad). He has enquired whether he can join the AP to the already existent controller (I know this works through vpn if the latency is under 100ms) but also he wants to know whether he can route the wireless traffic using the branch local internet connection and use the vpn only for registering/authenticating with the ZD. Is this possible?

Thank you

Valued Contributor II
Hello Andreas,

Few point to ponder upon:

If ZD and AP are in different timezones then if WLAN schedule feature would use the time set on the ZD.

Possible issue with daylight saving comes into picture.

As Keith mentioned, remote AP will inherit all configuration like channel, transmit power from ZD in a different country and this MAY create issue as when it comes to RF regulations of remote AP country. Please ensure that these settings are harmonised keeping in mind both countries.