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Regarding Branch Connectivity with multiple SSID ?

New Contributor
Hello Everyone,
My Company Recently brought 1200-Zone Director as well 80 Indoor Access Points. My Organization has 20 Branch Location Through the Country. I want to Broad Cast 3 SSID in different VLAN Network Through Out Branch as well as in HO. My Question is Do I need to Pass all Three Vlan in each individual AP all over the branch to broad cast three ssid or simply pass these Three VLAN in Controller Only. as all Traffic will be tunneled back to Controller through VPN . Since i am new to Ruckus ..It will be Great help.

Thank in Advance...!!

Esteemed Contributor II
If all WLANs are tunneled back to your ZoneDirector location, you only need to trunk the VLANs for your client WLANs at the ZoneDirector.
You need the management VLAN to extend from ZD to all AP locations.

ok..Thanks,,,It Means i have to configure Trunk for Uplink to ZD and Access to AP in Branch as well as in HO to broadcast three SSID? 

To ZD's, VLAN 0 is untagged, so you might have an untagged management VLAN from your central datacenter with ZD located,
out to all 20 remote sites, so you can talk to the APs there.  ZD's talk to APs using encrypted LWAPP.  If you have 3 WLANs
configured, all on different VLANs, all tunneled back to the ZoneDirector, you only need those Client VLANs at the ZD, not at the
remote AP locations.  So your Head Office and Remote Branch Offices, only need the one untagged VLAN that's used for ZD/AP