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R710 Transfer Speed

New Contributor II
I am connected to R710 and my adapter properties says i got 866 Mbps at 2.4 GHz, however when I test a file transfer I only got about 15 MB/s max... compared to another AP from other vendor, my adapter properties says i only connected to 244 Mbps, however, testing file transfer with the same laptop, same file, same server, and at the same location, it got me around 50 MB/s.
I perform both tests with no one other than me connected to the AP. I want to know why it seems Ruckus AP has my transfer speed capped somewhere? R710 is managed by a vSZ, I believe I dont have any rate limiting configured, the only thing I did was enabling OFDM only and set BSS min to 24mbps. Could this be the root cause? Please advise.

Esteemed Contributor II
Repeat tests on different channels.  I can only guess that you must have interference near AP or Client.  Examination of AP's support info file is the only way to see for sure.

hi Brado, thanks for the quick reply! is there any way i can ensure that I have no interference near AP or Client? anyway, what kind of interference that could make the speed dropped to less than half of the other AP brand?

I've never heard of 2.4Ghz can run 866, except 11ax, which is not generally available yet.

hi Yung Yi, this is what my adapter properties looks like. It says 866.7Mbps and at the same time i looked at my client log in vSZ i was connected to a 2.4GHz

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