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Recommend small switch for R710 APs PoE+ 802.3at ?

New Contributor II

I've been doing many web searches for a small PoE+ switch that is known to work well with the R710, but it seems like all I can find is stories about switches with problems not working with 802.3at and the R710.

I need to find a small, inexpensive PoE+ switch (8 ports) to supply power to a max of five R710 APs. It needs to support 802.1q vlans since it will be connected to an upstream switch that is Cisco Catalyst family. It also needs to be pretty inexpensive too... I spent almost all of my budget for this project on five R710s and a ZoneDirector 1200.

Is there a brand and model of inexpensive PoE+ switch that is absolutely 100% known to just simply work with the R710 without a bunch of config hassles or other wierdnesses?


The 24-port model is $1499 list price.

The 6-port model is $1199 list price.

My budget for a PoE+ switch would've been about $300.

I need power for only 5 APs and the unit has to be located in a small audio/video closet at the back of a city council meeting auditorium, very far away from the main computer room or even the nearest regular network wiring closet since the building is very old (circa 1927) and its layout is terrible for network wiring.

The Cisco Small Business SG300-10MPP would've been perfect for $230 at newegg, too bad there is some sort of unresolvable 802.3at incompatibility between it and the R710 

New Contributor III
how about HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch(JG350A) not sure if its compatible with R710 for lacp

New Contributor

I can confirm the R710 will not go into PoE+ / 802.3at with a Cisco SG300. The AP and switch communicate over LLDP and each can pass LLDP data and see each other as an LLDP neighbour.

However the two appear to send information about power over different TLVs, the AP advertises its power requirements to the switch under a '802.3 Power Over MDI' TLV which the switch uses to correctly set the port to PoE+ but the switch advertises its PoE capabilities to the AP on via the 'LLDP MED PoE-PSE' TLV which the AP seems to ignore.

Given the amount of problems with this (and assuming Ruckus don't want to alienate the 60% of the market that uses Cisco switches) I'm really hoping there's a fix in the next firmware (maybe a command line switch to allow a forced 'at' mode please)

Could one of the mods here please confirm if this is in the pipeline for the next firmware release - thanks.

Valued Contributor II
how about ZyXEL GS1900 Series of 8/16/24-port GbE Smart Managed Switch with Gigabit speed with the IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus standard. also supports LLDP and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging ???

they are not that expensive on ebay 8 port switch is less than $100

Does the ZyXEL GS1900 Series confirmed to work for the R710???, I really want to know since my R710 is stuck at af mode ? 

I currently have a Engenius EGS5212FP which support LLDP, but doesn't seem to have LLDP power via MDI support or at least I can't find any documentation even in the CLI manual.