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Re-adding a deleted WAP

New Contributor
Changed Subnet of Gateway/Firewall and can't talk to WAP's. Had the local tech do a factory reset, but now I can't get it added back into the director.

New Contributor II
Are the AP's in the same subnet as Controller? Is the new GW/FW IP Subnet routable with existing Wireless mgmt subnet? If the AP's are routed with a different subnet in between the controller subnet, you'll need to use domain-name ID 15 in your DHCP scope that resolves to "zonedirector" at your domain, assuming you have a DNS record entry, or you could use Option 43 with the IP or DNS name in the ascii fields to reach the controller. If DNS or DHCP options are not possible, hardcode the controller DNS name or IP address at the CLI of the AP ... set director ip and and then type ... reboot . See if then comes up.