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Recommend small switch for R710 APs PoE+ 802.3at ?

New Contributor II

I've been doing many web searches for a small PoE+ switch that is known to work well with the R710, but it seems like all I can find is stories about switches with problems not working with 802.3at and the R710.

I need to find a small, inexpensive PoE+ switch (8 ports) to supply power to a max of five R710 APs. It needs to support 802.1q vlans since it will be connected to an upstream switch that is Cisco Catalyst family. It also needs to be pretty inexpensive too... I spent almost all of my budget for this project on five R710s and a ZoneDirector 1200.

Is there a brand and model of inexpensive PoE+ switch that is absolutely 100% known to just simply work with the R710 without a bunch of config hassles or other wierdnesses?


The majority of client wifi devices at the location are still 2.4GHz, although that is changing as time marches on. Right now the WiFi infrastructure there is 3 Cisco Aironet APs, 2 of them do 802.11an, and one is only 802.11bg. The internet feed is only hardwired to one of the 802.11an APs and the other two APs are wireless repeater-clients off of the first one. They're actually not doing a terribly bad job most of the time, but whenever the city council meeting hall gets really jam-packed full of people, the Ciscos fall on their faces and implode, sometimes hanging up so badly I have to power-cycle them.

The Ruckus R710s ought to blow the old Ciscos away when the client density peaks, even with the reduced function of the 2.4 radios.

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Ah, gotcha. I definitely expect the 710 to blow away those older Cisco units, and the reduced 2.4GHz functionality of the R710 matches the functionality (3 spatial stream, slightly weaker transmit power, much better Rx sensitivity) of some of the lower-end Ruckus AP's, which are already phenomenal.

So I've used the heck out of various Microsemi PowerDsine products, both single port and multiple port.  Love them.

Single Port:


They have many offerings, so take a look around, but I believe the 9500 series is what you want from a POE+ need.

Actually I like them so much, I will not be buying POE switches when I replace but will add these instead.  A little extra cabling but very cheap considering and they just work.

A hundred bucks for a single port unit and a thousand bucks for a 6-port rack mount PoE injector is exhorbitant prices.

I started with single ports.  but now I buy the 24 port models for ~ $1,000.  I have no idea what a 6 port costs.