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Random reboots of R510

New Contributor


I have an Unleashed at home that randomly reboots rather frequently. The longest it worked was around 5 days. It is powered by its genuine power adapter, connected to my net provider's HGW by a CAT5e cable of 3m. It gets its static IP via DHCP. 

After reboot logs are lost. I set up an ftp server on my local net (checked its working by hand ), but no logs transferred.

Working from home a lot and its painful to be broken off the net so frequently, many times in the worst moments.

Can anybody help me to resolve this?



New Contributor

One more info: Current firmware version:

Hi @Zsolt 

Is this the only access point in your setup or do you have more ? Can you download support log of this AP and if other and add here to review ? You can yourself too verify the reason for reboot of any AP by downloading the support log and searching with "### Reboot Reason In Detail Recently ###" or simply "reboot". These filter would show your the exact reason of reboot and help diagnose further.

Best Regards


Hi Vineet,

This is the only AP, the one in HGW is switched off. The system log contains only this line about reboot:

Ruckus-Unleashed syslog: eventd_to_syslog():AP[90:3a:72:07:e8:60] joins with uptime [143] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : application reboot]

Usually this is the not too telling reason, but sometimes it is different. 

Here is a link to debug info and the whole system log:

Thank you for the quick reaction and looking into this!

Hi @Zsolt Unfortunately the debug logs contains event post the reboot. Can you enable all debug component and provide the debug log and AP support log post another reboot ?

- Login to Master AP
- Click on left where display Master AP is seen.
- Click "Show System Overview Info" to display AP details
- Find "Save Logs" download

Best Regards