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Random reboot

New Contributor III


We just experienced a random reboot with an AP at a client. Its an T310c AP. So far it only happend once. The error in the log is

ipq40xx-pinctrl 1000000.pinctrl: could not request pin 44 (GPIO_44) from group gpio44  on device 1000000.pinctrl
wmi_unified_pdev_tpc_config_event_handler 12978 scn->txpower_scale 0 scn->max_tx_power 1 ic->ic_txpowlimit 63
ath_dual a800000.wifi: Error applying setting, reverse things back

After which it seems to reboot. It also seems to be power related, could this be the case?




Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Sureal,

Does anyone hit the reset button on the AP?

GPIO is related to the power bootup.

Since it just rebooted once, please monitor if this happens again, if yes, please open a support case with AP support logs.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI


the device is fixed to the wall and nobody hit the reset button. Also the reboot happens every 20-30 minutes for a period of time and then suddenly it stays up for 4 hours then it starts rebooting randomly again every 20 or so minutes.

The other AP (R510) from the unleashed network stays up and is connected to the same PoE 802.3at Switch.

We also double checked the networkconnection and that is fine. The firmware version is

Problem solved. Apparently the newest firmware (fw 4.7) on the switch (Zyxel GS1920-10HP) was not stable and caused the problem. After flashing the switch with a previous version (4.6), all was stable again.