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R750 unleashed mesh

New Contributor II
I have bought 3 x R750 access points and am trying to set up the network as described in Figure 223. (

One Unleashed Master AP, One Mesh Root AP, One Mesh AP.

Unfortunately, under AP/Show System Overview Info under Mesh Type > Not supported

The PDF explicitly refers to the mesh support. (
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong in the setup?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Smooth,
   Darrell is correct, that R750 does not have Mesh feature (yet)...

Valued Contributor II
It's fairly industry standard practice for the datasheet to describe what the product will eventually be able to do. Usually it is denoted via asterisks or fine print when a feature is not currently available. For the R750 it is understandably complex because certain firmwares have supported mesh on 11ax APs but not all of them, and that's a difficult distinction to capture on a data sheet.

Hello Michael, Hello John,
thank you for your message.
I find the statement very interesting "It's fairly industry standard practice..." that's like Volkswagen saying that the diesel is clean... from my point of view this is rather fraud, because I did some research before buying and took this function as in the datasheet as a basis for my decision. Unfortunately the dealer where I bought the R750 does not take it back, because he says the function is described in the datasheet and therefore no defect. Is it possible to find an agreement with Ruckus? I have invested a lot of money in the R750.

Valued Contributor II
Note that I don't work for Ruckus, please don't take my statements as defending one vendor or another. Just more for your next product you choose, it's important to explicitly check that your use case is supported in the current software available to you. I work with products from many vendors and there are always these kinds of nuances between what is currently supported versus what will be coming in a future software update.

This is not at all the same as DieselGate as this functionality is actually coming and you've been given a timeline for when Unleashed will get mesh for 11ax. Resellers are supposed to have the same timelines and are meant to work with the customer to understand their needs in order to sell them a product, so I think it is on the reseller if Unleashed R750 was chosen.

11ax meshing was enabled in ZoneDirector release 10.3, and I believe R750 support in 10.3.1 MR1 would have made that a supported release.

Wish you the best of luck in getting resolution. Unfortunately enterprise networking products are more complex and confusing to navigate compared to consumer hardware -- there's frequently multiple types of controller architecture and multiple concurrently supported releases of each. This is really where one needs the advice from someone experienced in the platform, whether it's a VAR or someone else.

Esteemed Contributor II
Thanks John, spot on, 

Smooth, your VAR should have helped recommend product that supports your networking design *today*.

It is correct that newest released model APs do not always support all features/functions in the initial release, and/but the Release Notes should make that clear.

If they don't/didn't it is our mistake to "mislead" customers in any way.

I can say that next SZ 5.2 release, includes a table which mentions "not all SZ 5.2 features are supported on all APs", where a column for Mesh for example, would/might be helpful.