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R510 won’t connect clients

New Contributor II
I have 5 Access points 4 are r310 and the 5th is a r510/e510. It provisions just fine and is showing as a part of the network but no clients ever connect to it. The 5g and 2.4 g lights always stay amber. Can anyone help troubleshoot?

Do you have any Vlan settings?

New Contributor II
No. It's a fairly simple setup. Broadband modem to a gateway that doles out DHCP. From there to a switch and wired connections to all of the AP's. The 4 R310's are working fine just the 510 isn't passing any traffic. The 510 is showing connected but as you can see in the photo below, nothing is
connecting to this AP. 
Image_ images_messages_5f91c45a135b77e247a3e035_ba52a5e2a7866c2f7e9f9081c3e4762e_RackMultipart2020040585613e1ri-df4cda4b-5c9b-42b1-8744-2ff9d655d593-137213137.png1586108961Image_ images_messages_5f91c45a135b77e247a3e035_5c9d8576bb5235479c5884d110780d43_RackMultipart2020040512227e4v2-b6ea6e07-5d08-48c7-992c-df252a14cf74-697723550.png1586108955

Hi Kartik,

In the above images this AP shows as e510 which is a outdoor AP and it comes with an external antenna. Could you please confirm if that AP is e510 or R510. If it is e510, could you check and confirm if external antenna module is connected or not.

Refer below datasheet for E510 to get familier with E510's physical design to identify your AP.

Using e510 for indoor home purpose may not be the best option as it is an Embedded AP for different type of outdoor deployments like stadium or on a train.

Also I am unable to find this AP with it's serial number 431802006471 in our database. Could you confirm if you have registered this product after purchase.

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Hm, can you move your R510 closer/same switch as your Master AP, and do a factory default?
Does this help it to function correctly for clients?  If so, move it to present location again.