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R750 unleashed mesh

New Contributor II
I have bought 3 x R750 access points and am trying to set up the network as described in Figure 223. (

One Unleashed Master AP, One Mesh Root AP, One Mesh AP.

Unfortunately, under AP/Show System Overview Info under Mesh Type > Not supported

The PDF explicitly refers to the mesh support. (
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong in the setup?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Smooth,
   Connect all three APs on your wired network to get started.  When Unleashed is
setup, you can move one of the APs to it's intended Mesh location.  The other two
will decide who is going to be the Master AP (on the wired LAN).  A Mesh AP can
not be the Master, but your other two will provide backup Master capabilities if one
goes offline.  Your remote AP will Mesh to the one it sees has the best signal (and
hopefully can reach the other, if needed).

Hi Michael,

please see my Screenshots. I have all 3 wired connected.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c48b135b77e247ae00d5_0b8932f441018423facc60c547c67edf_RackMultipart202004094549abqbz-88f72b1a-b679-4240-aa16-0394f2c12fa9-1554949863.jpg1586454937

Image_ images_messages_5f91c48b135b77e247ae00d5_b875bcd1e0bfeacdb54e554b53ead385_RackMultipart2020040964882ldma-c5fb3121-d372-4164-a7ff-fea76b734f93-872603940.jpg1586454951

Valued Contributor

I don't believe Mesh is supported as yet on Wi-Fi 6 APs (including the R750) on Unleashed until the next major release (200.9). 

The AP hardware is capable of Mesh but the software to enable it is still in development.

The feature is currently in the planning stages with Engineering and should be available in late summer/autumn 2020. However I cannot 100% confirm the feature or the release schedule at the time.


Hi Darrel,

if I believe what you write, why does the product description say exactly the opposite?

As it seems you are an employee of ruckus. I thought that "Meshing" is a core competence of this company, maybe i failed at this Point. 

But if that doesn't work, I'll just have to buy the Netgear Orbi which can do this feature. 

Can I get the money back from Ruckus?