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R720 with R500

New Contributor III

I have setup office wifi with R720 and R500 in mix.
has about 8 APs in two floors . All the APs are running with firmware version
one of R720 act as a Master.
We have place three R720s in a large hall about 50-60 users sitting area.there want be max 25 or 30 users per AP and R500 in a small room (5-6 seating) that used for meetings etc.

Before adding R500s all the clients are been automatically spread in to APs in a way that they are close to the AP.after add these R500s now i can see most of the clients are connected to R500 APs even though those are far away from the users. some users are sitting just under the big R720 but they still connected to smaller R500 in far away in a smaller room. 

is there any incompatibility with these two models or is it firmware issue ? 


Valued Contributor
Hi RosMen,

Thanks for confirming.

If you can recreate the issue with multiple types of clients (Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows,etc.) - to rule out driver and device-specific issues and the behaviour persists then I would recommend opening a case with Ruckus support.



Yes. we do have latest multiple devices from various vendors. 
what is the link to open a case ?