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R710 upgrade problem

New Contributor II
Hi, I have 6 R710 APS on an unleashed network. I am on When trying to upgrade to  from the admin menu, i get to the rebuilding unleashed network screen and then it reboots back to I tried both online and local upgrade but the formware stays stuck on Does anybody have any suggestions?

New Contributor II
Hello, the release notes document indicates that it must be updated to version, in order to update to

NOTE To upgrade to 200.8 using the online upgrade method, your Unleashed network must be running If your network is not running this version (, please upgrade to this version firts.


New Contributor II
Ok nevermind I solved it by unplugging all APs except the Master, upgrading only the master and then replugging the other APs. But as a side note, I was able to upgrade to 200.8 directly from