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Power problems

New Contributor II
Hi, I have 6 unleashed R710s. I just upgraded to 200.8 because I am trying to solve slow speeds on the 2.4 ghz band. After upgrading, I now have an exclamation point remark next to each AP stating that its capabilities are reduced because it is not being provided enough power. This occurs wether I power them through my Mikrotik CRS328-POE or UnifiSwitch24Port-250W. Both of these switches are advertised as being able to provide 802.3at. Is it normal that these switches can't fully power the R710 or is it a firmware problem? 

New Contributor III
Hi, just change the setting of "PoE Operating Mode" for your AP Group from "Auto" to "802.3at PoE" will solve the problem. 

New Contributor II
Thanks that did it. However I was not able to solve my speed problem. My 802.11n speedflex download speed is only 25 Mbps on 2.4ghz... I have seen many posts suggesting to downgrade to 200.6; do you think that could solve it?

Contributor III
Yeah, based on the information you should probably downgrade to 200.6 .. I actually this did at my home this morning and speeds are much better.

New Contributor III
I also downgraded from 200.8 to 200.6. My laptop throughput did not change I'm only getting about 330Mbps via speedtest, My mobile device changed from 100mbps to 330mbps now. I feel that is still a bit low, but i'm in an apartment building with lots of wifi noise.