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R710 cannot migrate from ZD3050 to sVZ 6.1.1

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Hi to all, the title describes my problem... i have managed to migrate 21 r710 but one insists not to migrate... It starts to accept the firmware from the sVZ but fails... I manually flash the stand alone firmware and after that the ZD starts auto adoption and readopts it by flashing back the ZoneDirector firmware Access point seems to work fine... any proposals?


thanks in advance!


I had already opened a case.. and finally problem solved. Ruckus support rocks!.. The problem was that the certificate file was completely missing from the AP and it was not possible to upload it from GUI. It was showing that the procedure was done but nothing happened in the end. So the solution was to "feed" manualy firmware which probably contains certificate and after that controller adopted it!.. 

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RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @gsfakian 

Could you please do the hard-reset on the AP and upload the standalone version on the AP and use the below command to connect the AP on the vSZ.

#set scg IP <IP address of the controller>


Hi, thanks for your answer.. I think this was the version of stand alone I flashed. I will confirm to you . Also hard reset you mean the button? Isn't the same but giving set factory command? Because it is based at remote site and in a difficult place to access... Thanks

@gsfakian Yes you can use the set-factory command as well on the AP CLI

Thanks again, did that... seems that it is not adopted... i got into the ap from http all seem normal... get scg gives:

------ SCG Information ------
SCG Service is enabled.
AP is not managed by SCG.
Server List:
No SSH tunnel exists
Failover List: Not found
Failover Max Retry: 2
DHCP Opt43 Code: 6
Server List from DHCP (Opt43/Opt52):
SCG default URL: RuckusController
SCG config|heartbeat intervals: 30|30
SCG gwloss|serverloss timeouts: 1800|7200
Controller Cert Validation : disable