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R710 Transfer Speed

New Contributor II
I am connected to R710 and my adapter properties says i got 866 Mbps at 2.4 GHz, however when I test a file transfer I only got about 15 MB/s max... compared to another AP from other vendor, my adapter properties says i only connected to 244 Mbps, however, testing file transfer with the same laptop, same file, same server, and at the same location, it got me around 50 MB/s.
I perform both tests with no one other than me connected to the AP. I want to know why it seems Ruckus AP has my transfer speed capped somewhere? R710 is managed by a vSZ, I believe I dont have any rate limiting configured, the only thing I did was enabling OFDM only and set BSS min to 24mbps. Could this be the root cause? Please advise.

Interesting. It cloud be the driver reported wrong value. on windows system, you can use the following command, I use it all the time. netsh wlan show interface

it can show you in detail which BSSID is connected and at which channel. hope this helps.

BTW, when setting the BSS limit to 24Mbps. I know different vendors has different implementation. some limits not only use 24Mpbs for beaconing but also reject lower than 24Mbps packets sent or received. Which I don't think that make sense, because the client has much lower power than AP, so ask client to send ack at 24Mbps rate, it is likely not received by the AP, then the AP will have to resent the data packets. So if you change it back to 6Mbps, and performance improves, then that should be the cause.

Good comment Yung Yi, thx.  We typically, only recommend increasing default BSS minrate in a dense AP environment
or APs too close, and also usually only applied with multiple APs under controller management.  We typically also maybe
recommend OFDM only and 12mbps BSS minrate as a lower end "comfort zone" for clients, who ultimately make the roaming
decisions, before increasing a BSS minrate, that shrinks the zone that clients must be in to talk to the APs.

But Arranda, I can't tell if you have more than one R710 that you're comparing to another brand?  In which case, rebooting
our APs, when left with default "SmartSelect/Background Scanning" techniques, the AP will scan the air at the time it comes
up and choose what *should* be *best* 2.4g and 5g channels at that time, based on other SSIDs seen and interference at
that time.

If you are operating an R710 on Solo/Standalone AP firmware, you can see a rolling 2 minute RF/client connection "snapshot"
in the Support Info (text) file, that you can retrieve periodically from the Maintenance::Support Info page of the AP WebUI.

Find the ### Athstats Radio 0 ### section to view 2.4g radio interference, under Histogram of PHY errors since clearing all stats.
That shows the percentage of packets seen, with how many layer 1 OFDM header unreadable condition to the AP radio.
You want to see all numbers under 5K, and be aware of what percentage is seen at 10K and above, which are considered high.

Look at another Support Info snapshot at different times, and see if the numbers are much different.  I don't know your
environment, but sometimes a microwave in the kitchen is in use, when people see poor performance, etc.

Otherwise, if you can hard-code your channels on both APs, do a test on channels 1, 6, and 11, between both, and that might
give you another perspective on your testing.  Good luck and best regards.

hi Brado, we have many R710 deployed, and R700 as well. We have many numbers for the other brand's AP as well and we deployed them in place of the Ruckus AP to test this.

Okay i want to try hardcode the channel from vSZ. Channel 1,6,11 are for 2.4 GHz. Which channels that I can use for 5Ghz?

and anyway, i will also try Yung Yi's suggestion to lower the BSS min value.

Tried using only channel 1,6,11
Tried choosing between 20 and 40 Mhz
Also tried lowering the BSS value

But there is no change on the data transfer speed. Still capped around 15-20Mbps. Wonder what else did i miss? Please advise.