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R700 not opening GUI

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I snagged a Ruckus R700 off eBay and tried to set it up by first resetting it, then connecting the R700 to my laptop and going to the default IP and it will not load the GUI. I tried to find the IP address it is using with ipconfig/all but it doesn't show up. I then connected it to my network to see what IP address my network assigned it, then use that IP to gain access to the GUI. The same result, it will not open the GUI, instead I get the unable to load page error. 

I am going to ask Ruckus support if this AP is still linked to a cloud account, aside from that, how else can I access it? The PWR light is on steady green and is the only light on.



Hi @david_429515 

Hope you are doing well ! 

Have you tried : or

If you are able to ping the AP have you tried SSH the AP and enable https

rkscli: set https enable

Also please run a get version to see which version is running.

rkscli: get version
Ruckus R550 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 



Thanks for replying and helping...

I just now tried adding the HTTP and HTTPS, neither helped and I should have added in my initial post, I am unable to ping it at the default or its IP as reported by my router.  I'm puzzled how my router can see it, assign an ip address but I can't access it or ping it. Also, the fact it has a different ip address from the default when I reset it suggests it is linked to a cloud controller in which case, resetting it didn't and won't do anything until it is removed from the controller. 

Without opening a case with support AP cannot be removed from Cloud and support can only do it if device is purchased from an authorized RUCKUS reseller and registered in your name.

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I only contacted support to learn if it is linked to a cloud controller, not to remove it if it is.

I need to know only so I can go back to eBay seller and let them know so they can do it, if they owned it new or issue a return label and refund