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R700 Problem - Cannot notify kernel for Delete AP (65535) event

New Contributor
I have two stand alone R700's going to a Linksys AC1300 Wireless Bridge.  I have the latest Firmware  I keep getting consistant drops.

local2.err syslog: Cannot notify kernel for Delete AP (65535) event, -- Address family not supported by protocol(97)

Esteemed Contributor II
The message doesn't seem relevant for a standalone mode AP. 

Otw, you don't describe your network (APs with wired connections to ISP connected Linksys?),
if you advertise different SSIDs on Ruckus than Linksys, what kind of authentication/encryption
you use, or the type of client (I guess) that's having "consistant drops" (not sure what you mean).

Your clients will re-associate and re-authenticate any time they roam between any of these three
wifi devices, if they all advertise the same SSID.

New Contributor
Nice ideas ! For my two cents , if anyone require to merge two PDF files , my kids discovered a tool here "".