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Unable to find the SSID R500

New Contributor II
Hi I recently deployed 3 standalone ZoneFlex R500 AP's in the following Configuration
CISCO Router:
MAC Mini:
R500 - 1:
R500 - 2:
R500 - 3:

And now the Customers are unable to see the SSID for few Min. Is there any Idel Time option which make them sleep and when users start searching it wake up the AP's

There is no other WiFi's nearby. Only 3 AP's with same SSID 2.4 and 5 Ghz.

Any Idea what's the Issue.

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Esteemed Contributor II
Your 3 APs should be configured with identical SSID information.  They will advertise and service
your SSID all the time.  The APs do not sleep.

Are you sure that your three APs coverage overlaps, so customers are always able to see at least
1 AP advertising your SSID?  You can do a simple site survey as you walk from one side to the other.
Stop as you walk, and scan the air for SSIDs seen.  Do you see your SSID advertised by at least two
APs in each location that you stop?

Lastly, do all customers report the problem or only users with one type of client?  It might be the client
that is going to sleep or having issues roaming.  Because you use three different APs, your clients
will be doing a new DHCP request with each roam.  If using 802.1x SSID, they will be re-authenticating
with your RADIUS server with every roam, before doing new DHCP.

I still don't know all your variables.  Only ZD controller management of the APs would make roaming
more fluid (cached credentials, 802.11k/r).