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How to t300 first setting?

New Contributor II
i find t300 software ,T300_200. , etc.

But I don't know where is the 'bl7' file open wizard.

I will connect router or herb by T300

please help me...

😞  ......

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi JunUK,

Can you confirm if this will be a standalone AP or will be managed by ZoneDirector or SZ?


I have a 'OutdoorAP-100_1_0_0_432' zip file.
but inside of zip file, all files 'BL7'
maybe download another file....

If you are setting it as a standalone AP, APs are preloaded with firmware and you can set it up bu logging into its default IP and default username and password (super / sp-admin). However if you want to upgrade the image of the AP, you can use following image:

Instructions on how to setup ap can be found under :


Hmm... take a t300 operation by POE.
POE output-T300/POE-input-my computer
Ethernet connect success but no internet
And use any borwser typing but 'do not connect this site' logo on display.

I know Reset button inside of PG connect.