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R700 + 9.8 = 5 GHz Radio issues?

It appears there a re significant problems with R700 5 GHz radio that have existed in code base since 9.8 was released and they continue or are even worse in 9.8.2. The radios rebooted, background scanning / channelfly doesn't work and now my clients just mysteriously drop off. For now I have disabled the 5 GHz radios on R700 to get reliable coverage which means I don't have 802.11ac of course. This is happening on all sort of devices. Has anyone else seen similar issues? I will open a case when I can troubleshoot it and not disturb clients.

Oh I should add the problems weren't only affecting my 802.11ac devices by even 802.11n devices (Intel 6200 Chipset) as well. All of these device can connect fine to R700 2.4 GHz radio or to either radio on zf7363.

Valued Contributor II
That's interesting to hear. I think it's worth a support ticket to investigate your setup. I've got around 20-30 clients, about 10 of which are 802.11ac (iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Samsung TV's, and a PC with a Broadcom chipset), and they've been consistently reliable on the 5GHz radio with a R700 and R600.

But of course, my setup working for me does nothing to help you with your setup. My past experience is that Ruckus support has been helpful in troubleshooting a specific issue, which is difficult to do in a discussion forum environment.

I agree in creating a ticket, and will definitely do so. It is just right now I can't do troubleshooting in a live environment which is what I need. I was just curious what others were seeing with R700.

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The remaining features on 5G are to be fully implemented in ZF 9.10, currently expected in Feb 2015.

I wish I had known in July that the R700 wasn't going to be fully supported until early to mid 2015. I would have waited to buy them when I refreshed to ZD1200 rather than wasting my time this year with incomplete product.