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R650 radios keep rebooting every couple of minutes

New Contributor

I have New Single R650 I just deployed at my home. The unit constantly reboots 2.4 and 5g radios. about once every minute. Unit is on the current firmware release. 

I lose connectivity on my client devices and when I go look at the R650 AP the 2.4 & 5 g LED lights are yellow. They then return to green and my Wi-Fi restores until the same thing happens again 60 -90 seconds later.

I have the unit connected to a POE plus network switch. It is the only POE device on the switch. My old access point runs fine when I remove the R650 and plug it in, in its place?

Please advise..


Valued Contributor II

It seems problem with power. What switch you have? What is port speed, and what are negotiation settings on port (for speed). What PoE setting is set on port (must be 802.3at, many cheap switches allow (or set by default) limit on port to 802.3af )

R650 has 2.5/1Gbps port, so cabling may be a problem (high resistance diminishes PoE power delivered to AP, or some pair is broken and port does work only on 100 MB/s). 

Your other AP probably has less power consumption, different speed negotiation process - so situation you have is completely possible, older AP works Ok, but R650 doesn't.

To be sure, I would try PoE injector (brick), to isolate power issue possibility.

If on same port with power brick R650 will work, than problem is most probably with power settings. If not, power most probably isn't related to issue. 

If AP doesn't work with brick, I would check it when connected directly to switch (without cabling). If it will work than, problem is in cabling. If no difference, I wold check with different switch.

Valued Contributor

Hi Matt,

Orange displaying on the AP radio LED(s) is not the radios rebooting, it normally indicates there are no clients connected to the Wi-Fi radio.

Please note LED behaviour can change depending on what firmware type and version you are using.

If you are seeing clients frequently disconnect, this may be due to the AP changing channels, which if you are using ChannelFly, can be frequent in the first few hours of use.  To test this, simply select fixed channels and see if the issue stops.

Hope that helps,

Image_ images_messages_602029084e0b43638371c749_142b49562df5358247e11f9e82b0ae93_Screenshot20210207at17.50.48-557377e2-f622-4188-be84-9bfaf69adc3a-1731763433.png