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R650 only using 40 MHz channelization ( Unleashed )

New Contributor

I have an R610 running 20 Mhz channelization on the 2.4 band and 40 on the 5 GHz band.  When I joined the R650 to the existing R610 it will only run 40 MHz channelization on either band.  If I change it to 80 Mhz the R610 will change, but the R650 ignores any settings for channelization and stays on 40 MhHz regardless.  It doesn't matter what changes are made to either band.

The Unleashed versions I've tried are and on the theory that maybe it's recent bug.  I tried to flash to 200.14 on the R650 but the earlier version said it would reset the config and then it when it connected back to the R610 it seemed to reboot a couple of times and is now running the .54 firmware again so apparently Unleashed will automatically update to whatever the current master is running.  Not really sure if that's the case or if it keeps a copy of the firmware somewhere locally on the device.

Disconnecting the R610 and just running the R650 by itself does not change the behavior and creating new SSIDs in either band, or both, still only uses the 40 MHz channelization.  Enabling or disabling Wifi 6 has no effect either.  I have also restarted the AP.  When I was using an older version of Unleashed on the R610 and had it running with a couple of R600s this was also not an issue so it seems like it's something specific to the R650, at least on this version of Unleashed.

Has anyone else run into this?



New Contributor

I found I'm able to increase the channelization to 80 Mhz on the 5 GHz radio, but the radio usage around here precludes bothering with 160 so I haven't tried it.  The 2.4 GHz radio remains locked at 40 MHz channelization.  I have set my main WLAN to use the 5 GHz only and created a new test WLAN for 2.4 only and have unchecked the Wifi 6 option as some information I've read suggests that Wifi 6 generally wants to use 40 MHz as a minimum.  The 2.4 radio remains locked on 40 MHz so I'm still unable to change that.  Not sure why, at best my only option is to lock the radio to channel 11 so that it has minimal overlap with everyone else in the area, luckily the neighbors with the strongest signals are all piled onto channel 1 for some reason, but they're also using 40 MHz so I'm wondering if this is just something that Wifi 6 access points do.  OFDM and BSS min rates don't seem to affect this.