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APs restart after 1800 seconds - no connection to gateway

New Contributor III
Still battling with this vSZ-H and i thought i had it working perfectly until the APs (R510) started to reboot with error message system rebooted because of [AP gateway lost more than 1800 seconds].

I see there's an article on this already however my AP can be pinged as can the vSZ. I've tried a reset on the APs resetting them back to the factory default however this doesn't change anything.

When i reset the APs, they didnt automatically show up in the vSZ, i had to log into the AP and set the management ip address and restart. Only then did the AP see the vSZ.

Does anyone know what could be the issue. The AP and vSZ are on the same VLAN which is the main network.



New Contributor III
I think ive just found the setting..

AP Reboot - reboot ap if it cannot find the gateway after... ive set this to 0 hours (never reboot) but left reboot ap if it cannot reach the controller after 2 hours.