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R610 power adaptor only provides power to the AP when 12V adaptor is directly plugged into wall outlet

New Contributor II
I use a 12V power adapter to to supply power to my R610 Unleashed access point.  For the last two months I had it connected to a surge protector and it worked fine.  Then two days ago all the lights on the router turned off.  The other devices connected to the surge protector (including my  Luxul router, etc.) were fine--they did not lose power.  I tried switching it to a other surge protector plugs and even a different surge protector, but the power light still did not come on. Finally, I plugged the R610 power adaptor directly into a wall outlet and everything came on and works fine.  I have tried going back to the surge-protector solution, but it does not work.  Only plugging the adaptor directly into a wall outlet works.

Please help - I would very much like to protect the AP from power surges.

Thanks very much,