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R610 and Intel AX201 Connection Issues

New Contributor

Hello, we are using R610 AP's running firmware version (using WPA2-AES for encryption). We frequently have devices with Intel AX201 chipsets having an issues where they connect to the AP but fail to get an address. This issue is tough to recreate but seems most common if the device has been "off" WiFi for an extended period.

The wlan logs on the device show security starting, stopping, succeeded in a loop then the 802.1x authentication restarting. This will usually happen for a few minutes until it either resolves, device/wireless radio cycled on/off, or in some cases the network is reset in Windows.

Are there any issues we should be aware of or settings changes that should be made to resolve the issue. A majority of our fleet uses the AX201 chipset and we are often seeing these issues popup.

Let me know what other info I can provide and any help is appreciated!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @brad303 
May I know what is the driver version of the AX201 chipset? The latest one is 23.20.0.

RUCKUS Team Member

If it is on latest version, from the looks of it it seems we need to analyse more with the logs and captures from the client. It would be great if you can open a case so that we can gather the necessary logs and track the issue.

New Contributor

We have tried the latest drivers from Intel and Lenovo (these are Lenovo devices). It looks like the 23.20.0 drivers were released on the 9th so we have previously been using (from Intel) or (from Lenovo). Overall though these issues have been ongoing since last year. I have been collecting the wlan reports from affected devices, I have yet been able to replicate it though and just have to wait for someone to report issues.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Brad,

I've seen some issues with version 22.250, where the device cannot process the probes from the AP, preventing it from 'seeing' the AP/WLAN. Upgrading the driver to version 23.20 resolved the issue.
Could you please upgrade to this driver version and check? Additionally, you might want to upgrade your SZ and APs to version 6.1.2.

If the issue persists after the upgrade, you can run the troubleshooting tool on SZ to examine the authentication steps and identify the exact phase of the failure.

Here is a Knowledge Base Article about this tool:


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