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R610 Constant Arp Request

New Contributor III
I currently have a R610 and a R510. The R610 is the master and is hardwired with the R510 setup in a mesh configuration. I did a packet capture today and I noticed that the R610 kept arping for the gateway address. Is this normal activity? or is something not working correctly.
Thanks for the help!

See the screenshot below.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f5135b77e2478fb5b1_5875a29e25bf854b822b7b9d1213d7db_RackMultipart20191106644321601-fd3905d9-4a34-47b7-b20e-32046ec54baf-309197674.jpg1573080015

The ARP proxy is turned off on the AP. The MAC address for all the ARP request is the APs MAC itself.

New Contributor III
I check this again and tried resetting the AP. But no change. It is the same mac requesting the GW 24 times in 1 minute. That seems like a lot to insure it is online. 

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Robert,

I did some additional research and found that the MESH wired network test using ARP is done every second.  If 30 ARP requests to the Gateway fail then the AP will change MESH state, this is the 30 seconds I mentioned.

Yes this is a very aggressive test to make switching MESH state quickly enough to limit data loss when the wired network is no longer present.

I have not found any way to change this timer.

Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.


New Contributor III
Thank you so much for find out more about this! I started to figure that is probably the case, was to do an arp every second. I just wanted to ensure the AP was behaving correctly for the mode it is set up in.