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R610 BAD POE port cannot be used after flash lastest firmware.

New Contributor

I have a R610 with bad POE port. The POE port can powre on unit. But cannot transfer data. The port show no MAC address on the SSH check status command. Another one port is working condition.  Unit can bu used on unleashed 200.7. Both port cnannot work when you upgrade the version newer than 200.7. Both ports are no function when I plug the cable. It's back to working again when you downgrade it to 200.7 or lower version.

Is it a bug on newer verion?  It can be fixed?

Thanks, Best Regards.



Hi @Atlan 

Can you share output of "get power-mode" as the AP needs to be on power mode "at" for both port to be functioning hence first thing would be making sure if its using the "af" or "at" power mode (use "set power-mode at) to change to "at". On the second issue an upgrade should not cause both port down for that we would need you to reach us out and we can work over remote to see this behavior.

Best Regards


Thanks for reply.

I tried to use POE-AT adaptor and DC 12V 4A power supply to boot the device, It can boot but no luck. I connected the non-POE port to computer after factory reset. It's show port disconnected status in SSH and manage website over the 200.7 unleashed version. It become working when roll back to 200.7. 


Please reach out to us and TAC could work over WebEX together.

Best Regards